Choosing a Healthful Granola

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself overwhelmed keeping up with the latest in health news. Granola is supposed to be good for you, right? And yet, if you really examine the labels of the average stuff, you’ll find that some is practically junk food.

According to a recent Consumer Reports article in the Washington Post, there are several pitfalls to watch out for, including serving size, fat content, and fiber / protein content. You may be consuming more calories and fat than you assume. Another important factor to keep an eye on is sugar content. Some granolas on the market have upwards of 14 grams of added sugar per serving!

Here at Back Roads, we care deeply about using just the right amount of natural sweetness in our products, without sacrificing flavor. The overall sugar content in all of our granolas is 5 grams or less per serving. Our sweeteners of choice are honey and pure Vermont maple syrup. Even our dried cranberries are sweetened with fruit juice, and our dark chocolate ribbons with coconut sugar.

For those wanting to do without sweeteners at all, our Ancient Grains granola fits the bill. We’re proud that it was just featured by the Washington Post article as one of the most healthful granolas on the market! Check it out to learn more.

As Jack H, a Back Roads customer from Manhattan, related over the phone: when he saw that Ancient Grains granola boasted just one gram of sugar per serving, he was in disbelief. He thanked us profusely, and called it “the perfect granola for the diabetic community.”