Our Certifications

Consumers trust our ‘clean’ brand. We feel strongly that consumers have the right to know what is in the foods they buy. Back Roads goes the extra mile to assure the safety of our foods by choosing to have independant, third party, certifiers verify all of our ingredients to be organic, kosher, free of GMOs, pesticides & herbicides. Each logo displayed on our packaging is tangible proof of our commitment.

Certified Glyphosate Residue Free

Back Road Food Company, dba Back Roads Granola, is the first granola & oats company in the world to become Certified Glyphosate Free by the Detox Project. This third-party certification furthers our commitment to consumers everywhere, demanding ‘clean’ organic foods from trusted brands. We do this for our customers and folks we’ve never met. We do this for our children and grandchildren. We do this for friends and neighbors. We do this for our farmers who supply us with the purest of ingredients & for the land they work. We do this for our mother, Earth.

International Glyphosate Study Shows Likely Cause of Explosion in Childhood Leukemia


Due to increasing consumer demand, Back Roads became non-GMO Project Verified in 2017. Consumers have falsely believed that foods labeled organic are also non GMO. This was true years ago, before GMOs became widely used. This, sadly, is no longer the case. and it is important to prove it through a third party certifier, like The Non-GMO Project. Their Butterfly logo has become the most recognizable and trusted label for GMO avoidance among shoppers today.


Kosher certification supports all of our other certifications. It’s further assurance that our products are, in fact, certified ‘clean’. Satisfying not only our kosher customers, but all of our customers. Only those products meeting the strictest standards of kashrus (kosher law) are granted permission to display the KOF-F K symbol, which is protected under U.S. Federal and international law against unauthorized use.


As founders of Back Roads, we have been avid supporters of organic foods for a very long time. It started when we were young back-to-the land hippies, wanting to grow our own chemical free food. When we had children, eating ‘clean’ food became more important. And, grew in importance when grandchildren came into our lives. 11 years ago, we started Back Roads Granola ~ fully committed to providing real ‘clean’ organic foods for our family, friends and customers. Producing ‘clean’ foods has positively changed our lives in so many ways. We’re more committed than ever and will continue to ‘vote with our dollars’ and produce only organic, chemical, pesticide, herbicide free foods.

The USDA hires independent certifiers, in every state, to conduct inspections. We are certified through Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). Vermont, California and Oregon certification processes are the most rigorous and comprehensive inspections in the country.