Changes to our line of granola

Improving our line

Over the last several months we have been working diligently to improve our organic, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free granola ingredients & flavor profiles.

We have focused on & accomplished the following goals:

  • Reduced overall sugar content in all granolas to 5 grams, or less, per serving.
  • Replaced ingredients containing cane sugar with healthier alternatives.
  • Eliminated troublesome or ‘confusing’ ingredients, based on consumer feedback.
  • Attained Kosher certification for the brand.


In the coming weeks, we’ll begin rolling out new labels which reflect the changes we’ve made, including a few name changes warranted by changing flavor profiles. In the fall, we will introduce altogether new packaging ~ attractively printed bags with a fresh, new look.

Here’s a comprehensive list of changes, SKU by SKU:

Dark Chocolate Pecan (previously Chocolate Pecan) The chocolate no longer contains soy lecithin or cane sugar, chocolate is now sweetened with coconut sugar and cane sugar-sweetened cranberries have been replaced with fruit juice infused cranberries.


Nut Free (previously Maple Fig) Renamed to improve ‘nut free’ visibility; no longer contains coconut and figs have been replaced with apple juice infused cranberries.

Coconut Crunch  No longer contains cane sugar; cane sugar-sweetened cranberries have been replaced with apple juice infused cranberries.

Coconut Ginger (previously Pineapple Ginger) renamed because the freeze-dried pineapple has been eliminated.

Maple Pecan: figs have been eliminated. 

Maple Spice (previously Apricot Chai) renamed to reduce ‘Chai’ confusion/aversion; apricots have been replaced with raisins.

Just Oats ~ most notably, the price has dropped substantially, due to the vastly increased amounts we are buying of organic gluten-free oats. We’re passing on the savings to our customers.