Back Roads Granola is real deal

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The Boston Globe | AUGUST 05, 2014

“It’s with good intentions that people munch on granola. But too many brands turn an otherwise healthful oat, seed, and nut mixture into an overly sweet, dessert-like treat. Back Roads Granola from Brattleboro, Vt., is the real deal. Cofounder Peter Vogel has made granola since his college days in the 1970s, and about four years ago, he and his wife Virginia started selling it in Vermont co-ops. Now they bake about 2,000 pounds a week. Four varieties — Original, Ancient Grains, Gluten-Free, and the newest Chocolate Pecan ($8 to $10 for 12 ounces) — are organic, dairy- and salt-free, and not very sweet. In fact, the Ancient Grains has no added sugar. Perfect for granola classicists.”

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