A Day in the Life of… The Sales Team

Who are you going to call? The Back Roads sales team!

In the previous behind-the-scenes installment of our Day in the Life series, you got to meet our Bakery team leader. In this installment, you’ll meet the friendly faces behind your calls and emails. Our 4-woman sales team is responsible for customer service, social media, and maintaining and expanding placement of our granola in stores across the country. Let’s have a look!


Before the COVID 19 global pandemic, three members of Back Roads sales team worked from our office at our Brattleboro, Vermont facility. Our 4th sales team member, Liv, works from her home office, just outside of New York City.

At our desks, ensconced with plants and puppies, we’d receive phone calls from our customers, fill orders, and call our buyers at co-ops and natural food stores across the country to check up on their stock and product movement. We’d also scour the internet for new stores who might be interested in stocking our products!

Sales Team Member, Tara, working at her desk with our co-founder’s dog, Gracie.

About 2-5 times a month, Allison and Tara would hit the road to sample our products in stores, talking to customers and spreading the word about what we consider to be the best granola in the world.

Sales Team Member, Allison, demoing our granola in a grocery store.

 Meanwhile, Liv would visit her many stores in and around New York City, NJ and CT to make sure plenty of Back Roads granola was on the shelves and bulk bins.

Sales Team Member, Liv, with a Whole Foods bulk buyer.


The entire shape of food sales has shifted since the COVID 19 pandemic began to rock the world. The Back Roads sales team’s daily routines now look very different. We’ve all started working from home, and continue to do so to give our baking and shipping staff more space to safely do their site-specific jobs.

We’ve also taken to Instagram and Facebook to focus on spreading the word digitally, as many people are now choosing to shop from the safety of their home.

Sales Team Member, Allison, photographing Back Roads Granola for social media.

We’re also focusing on promoting sales of our large family-size bags, as many stores across the country have closed their bulk departments temporarily.  We’re proud that our family-size bags are filling the gaps!

We’re working hard to adapt to a changing landscape. While many companies are experiencing short supplies or out of stocks, Back Roads is still producing the finest quality granola and able to ship it direct to our customers. We’re proud of the fact that throughout these challenging times, we have never slowed production or stopped making sales calls. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Co-Founder and Head of Sales and Marketing, Virginia Vogel, working from home with her dog, Gracie.
Sales Team Member, Liv Vogel Eck, working from home with her daughters, Maia and Sophie.
Sales Team Member, Tara, working from home.