A Day in the Life of…Bakery Team Leader


Here at Back Roads Food Company, a lot goes into making our delicious array of granola. It takes a whole team of amazing people to produce upwards of 4,000 pounds of granola every day. Here’s a look inside the job of our Bakery Team Leader at Back Roads. 

Bakery Team Leader, Katie, oversees our team of bakers and bakery operations at Back Roads. She arrives each morning at 7:30am. The bakery team works very closely together. Everyone’s jobs in the bakery are interchangeable to allow for utmost flexibility. 

Katie moves trays of granola to be baked

Katie enjoys being able to work alongside the same team of bakers each day. “It’s nice to know who you’ll be working with,” Katie said, “we all get along really well and I think that helps make us a really strong team.” 

Katie pours batches of mixed granola to be prepped for baking.

In addition to overseeing daily production, Katie is in charge of ordering raw ingredients. She works closely with Co-Owner, Peter, on sourcing ingredients from new and existing suppliers.

Katie works in her office performing administrative duties.

Throughout the day, Katie performs quality control checks to ensure only the best granola is sent to our customers. Katie’s favorite granola to make and eat is Maple Pecan. “It smells really great all during production”.

Katie weighs granola to ensure quality

Afternoons are Katie’s favorite part of the day, when the day’s baking is complete and her team is scraping trays of freshly baked granola. ‘It’s still busy but the pace is slower, no machines are running so it’s quieter and bakers are rocking out to the music and having some fun as they work.” Katie said.

Katie ends the day by overseeing a thorough cleanup of the bakery and preparation for the next day’s production. There’s a sense of pride for another day’s job well done by her committed crew. “I like the sense of family at Back Roads . It’s nice to work in a small business where everyone knows everyone. There’s a strong sense of community,” Katie said