Founder/Sales & Marketing | Back Roads Granola Matriarch

Virginia, co-pilot and co-founder of Back Roads Granola, oversees Sales and Marketing. She’s a self-described perfectionist, a creator of big fat ideas, and values leading by example. Her trademark phrase is “change is the only constant.” If she had the chance to play hooky for a day, she’d spend it on horseback.

What’s the most rad thing about you? I’m an awesome grandma.

Back Roads Granola flavor of choice: I cannot lie — I love all my children equally.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? Human — capacity to love.

What’s your favorite Back Roads Granola story? In the very early days, I went to pick up our weekly supply of raw ingredients from our distributor, UNFI. My vehicle — 2006 Toyota Prius. I pulled up to my loading dock, sandwiched between two huge semi-trucks, got out and the driver of one of the trucks gave me a high-five and told me, “I like your rig.”