Executive Assistant and Office Manager | Ringleader of the Office

Erica brings a bubbly and caring spirit to the Back Roads team. She’s a wife, mother, and true Vermonter who enjoys hiking, fishing, hunting, and shopping with the family. Proving that persistence and optimism are key in the workplace, Erica wouldn’t give up until Pizza Friday became a weekly tradition at Back Roads.

What’s the most brag-worthy thing about you? Before I had my daughter I was the fastest trayer here. I’m also pretty good with make-up.  

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Horses are my favorite and my daughter Kaylee’s favorite, too. I would be a horse to keep her happy!

What’s your favorite story about working here? When I started here I bugged Peter to get pizza on Fridays. It’s a tradition now and I actually told everyone I was pregnant on a Pizza Friday!

Back Roads Granola flavor of choice? Maple Fig