Callie and Lulu

Head of Remote Work | Professional Nappers

Callie and Lulu are Liv’s two ADORABLE French bull dogs. While this duo usually work remotely at home with Liv in New Jersey, sometimes they get to take a trip to Vermont and work with us in the office! Callie and Lulu are a treat to everyone at Back Roads when they visit. With their cute, tiny faces and gorgeous colors, what’s not to love?

While they may not roam through the office like the other pups, they seem most happy sleeping in their beds next to Liv as she works. When they are awake, you can hear their adorable snorting as they play with pup-coworkers. Lulu gives the best hugs and loves visiting everyone in the office, while Callie mostly likes to sleep in her bed during the work day. Being in charge of remote work is a tiring job afterall!